Writer’s block

So I’m stuck on a scene during which Az and Theo duke it out and I can’t figure out how I want to do it.

I’m stuck. Badly. And the worst part? I get all my best ideas while I’m driving but when I get home, BAM, they’re gone and I can’t remember any of them. I know I came up with the solution to this scene a couple days ago while driving, but forgot it of course, and now I’m trailing behind.

Just as I’m starting to get followers on WattPad too. 🙁

The recycling bin got a workout today

I just spent the last 45 minutes going through all of my writing files, moving and deleting as needed.  I have so many that it took me 45 minutes, and I’m nowhere near done.  I’ve got at least six stories/novels started.  This is insane.

So, update on the current novel.  I’m writing it scene by scene so I’m unsure what the word count is up to, and I’m trying to keep myself from counting.  I’ve noticed that I don’t write as well when I know the total word count, so writing this novel scene by scene is working great.  Each scene is a different file, and they’re totally separate from each other.  In order to find out the word count, I’d have to open each file and note the word count on each one.  Seeing as I have at least fifteen now, that’s not gonna happen.

In other news, I’ve also been working on my blog-only story X-Team Three, but I may not get to post another part for a few more days.  I’ve got a lot going on in my non-writer life–going out with the in-laws tomorrow and work on Monday.  We’ll see what happens.  There’s been two parts so far, and I’m hoping the premise behind the story is obvious by now.  I’m having fun with it, and after I’m done with the current novel, I may just put X-Team Three out on Wattpad for even more strangers to read.