It’s getting hard

I’m kind of at a loss on how to get my story out there anymore.  I’ve advertised on Facebook, Twitter, WattPad itself, and I’ve asked all my friends and family to pass on the link if they know anyone who likes that type of story, but the read count is still barely trickling up.  It’s sort of demotivating.  I guess it’s good that I’m not writing the story to gain anything like money.  I enjoy what I’m writing.  That’s what counts to me.

But one of the reasons I enjoy writing is so that other people can enjoy what I write, and I’m just not getting that impression.  I only have one follower on WattPad and that’s a family member.  I’m the only one voting for my story.  I’m at a loss on what else I can do.

This is definitely teaching me patience.  I was reading a book on how to get started with WattPad and the author said that the first story he posted had 13,000 reads by three months and that 13,000 is on the low end of what a successful story should have.  I’d die if I had 13,000 reads in three months!!!  (Die happy, don’t get me wrong.)

I just wish I knew of something else I could do to get this story out there.


I don’t even know what part I’ve got published now.  I’m writing this stuff so quickly that my fingers are moving too fast for my brain.  Typical.

What I want to blog about today, however, is obsession.  Why?  Because I’m obsessed.  I get this way every time I get into a story, whether reading or writing.  When I’m driving, there’s always a part of my mind putting my characters through certain situations and seeing how it ends up.  If it’s interesting, it usually makes it into the story.  If not, then oh well.

Driving is actually when I do most of my story planning.  I know, I know, I should be concentrating on the road, and I do.  I promise (mom).  But there’s always a small part of my mind with my characters.  No matter what I do, no matter what I try, I can’t help it.  It just happens.  The instant I sit down in that driver’s seat, my imagination takes off.

Music makes it worse, too.  Certain songs just seem to mesh with my story.  Sometimes it’s so close to the story line or a character that I get chills.  I imagine that if my stories were to ever be made into movies, that song would have to be on the soundtrack.  I’d require it, in fact.

Right now, the song “Diamond Eyes” by Shinedown is one of those goosebump songs.  I’ve been thinking a lot about Az and this song encompasses a lot of who and what he is.  There are a number of other songs that bring up scene ideas for this story, but I’m not going to mention them as they’ll be spoilers.

I guess it all comes back to motivation.  Music has always been a big motivator for me.  Almost every song in my phone is connected to a story somehow and it’s nice reminiscing as I go through the playlist:  stories that never got started, characters that never formed completely, scenes that would be great but don’t meld well with the story line…  They’re all special to me and maybe someday in the future, they’ll get their moment under my fingers on the keyboard, but until then…it’s all about “Diamond Eyes.”

Goddamn motivation…

Hello friends.  So, I’ve got a problem, and it’s a problem I have a lot when I’m coming up with and writing stories.  I can come up with a billion things for my characters in my stories to do; that’s never been an issue for me.  My imagination is endless.  My problem happens to be…


Not motivation to write.  Motivation for my characters to do what they do.  I could be evil and dive my female lead off the top of a building or be nice and allow her to go get herself a cute, little puppy. Either way, there needs to be motivation behind what she does.  Like, maybe, she’s jumping off the building because she’s seen the movie Groundhog Day one too many times and thinks she’s living the same day over and over again so she can’t die.  Maybe she wants a puppy because she owns a dragon who only eats cute, little puppies.  Who knows?  Apparently, I have to.

Currently, I’ve got a situation in my story where I know what I want the protagonist to do, but there’s no good reason why she’d be doing it.  In fact, she’d be just plain psycho if she did it, but she’s not psycho so…   ugh.  I’ve spent almost all day thinking about this crap, and I’ve come no closer to figuring it out.  I refuse to allow her to do anything else, though, because I’m stubborn, and I’m the author so she needs to do what I tell her to, dammit.

FML  I suppose I’ll eventually figure it out, but until then, I’m in limbo.  Motivation limbo.  I hear it’s worse than purgatory.