I’m baaaaaaaack!

First of all, I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long.  Whatever caused that computer issue I had before was so bad that I had to buy another laptop, and I’ve been very careful with this new one.  So careful that I was avoiding my blog for fear that it may have been my problem with the last one.  (It began shortly after I started the blog.  So 1+1=2.)

Secondly, I miss blogging, and the only way I’ll be able to find out if the blog caused the problem is to, well, blog.  It has the possibility of being a costly experiment, yes.  But at least I’ll be able to come down on WordPress if it happens again.

So, anyway, I’m still writing.  A lot.  A LOT.  My brain has been cracked and in the frying pan lately, however, which means I have about 15 different stories started and only one finished.  Part of the problem is that my work schedule has changed.  A LOT.  I got a promotion and now I’m not on the streets as much anymore, working 7am-5pm Monday thru Friday behind a desk.  I love my new position, but it doesn’t leave much time for writing.  I get in what I can, but I’m not making the same progress I was before my promotion.

I’ve restarted the blog/Wattpad story, however.  X-Team 3, in case you need a reminder.  (I know I did.)  I’m in the middle of Lawson’s 2nd part, and it’s going well.  I hope to have it posted to Wattpad sometime this weekend so keep an eye out for it.

That’s about it for this post.  Oh, one other update before I go.  I won’t be posting daily like I was before.  That’ll be a little too much between work, writing, and spending time with my family so I’ll post at least once a week, but probably more.  If you’re subscribed, you’ll be notified when I post so don’t worry too much about it.