A new adventure

For those that don’t know, I have bipolar disorder.  It can be quite crippling at times, but mostly it’s just annoying.  Like not being able to get that itch on your back annoying.  You can feel it there, but there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.  Yeah…  That…

Well, my psychiatrist and I have decided now is a good time to start trying to decrease the dosages of the meds I’m on which is fantastic!  A few of the meds I’m on have some pretty nasty side effects, some of which do affect me, and if I can decrease the effect or even no longer take them, that would help immensely.  The only problem with this is that I essentially have to train my body to be relaxed and calm at all times.  Without medication.  So my doc gave me a few alternative treatments to try to help me along on this twisty-turny path.  One such treatment…


Yep.  Having someone stick little needles into different parts of my body in order to balance out my Qi (pronounced chi).  I’ve been doing it for two weeks now with one acupuncturist and I’ve felt a little better, but not great.  Not only that, but I have to leave work early at least two to three times a week to go to these appointments so my boss isn’t very happy.  I needed to find an acupuncturist with weekend hours.  Enter Dr. Lee.

I just had my first appointment with Dr. Lee today, and let me tell you, my first acupuncturist had no clue what he was doing.  Okay…maybe he had a clue, but it became obvious within the first ten minutes of my appointment with Dr. Lee that my first acupuncturist was cutting corners.  First of all, Dr. Lee spent at least a half hour asking me about my various health problems and history.  The first guy spent two minutes, if that.  Then Dr. Lee had me lay down and he thoroughly examined my entire body (clothed).  Guy number one…he pressed on my spine.  That’s it.  Dr. Lee used at least fifteen needles.  The first dude…seven.  But Dr. Lee is actually treating all of the health issues that popped up during his interview with me and dude #1 said he was just treating my stress.  Dr. Lee actually felt the area he was about to insert the needle in to make sure he had the proper positioning.  Dude #1 just put ’em right in.

For those of you who have never had acupuncture done but were curious about it, I’ll explain it to the best of my ability.  Essentially, the acupuncturist places needles as thin as a human hair into certain points of your body depending on the health issues you’re having.  It’s all based on Chinese medicine.  The most pain you feel is barely a pinch.  Then you’ll feel pressure as the acupuncturist positions the needle properly, but the pressure goes away.  After he’s done, he’ll leave you alone for about twenty minutes with the needles in place.  This is my favorite part–you have an excuse to just lay there and relax with the lights turned down and spa music playing gently in the background.  A mini vaca.

Once you’re done, he’ll come back in and take all the needles out.  No pain.  Very rarely you’ll bleed ever so slightly, but it’s practically nothing.  There may be a little bruising, though.  Nothing too serious.

It was at this time that dude #1 released me to pay and sent me on my way.  Dr. Lee, however, gave me a bottle of Chinese herbal tablets.  I had never heard of them, of course, but I figured eh…why not?  I made sure to check that they wouldn’t have any adverse effects with the medications I’m on (they don’t), shrugged my shoulders, and popped the Dr. Lee recommended dosage in my mouth.  I did a little internet research and surprisingly found excellent reviews for this particular variety of herbs.  I was shocked.  They’re for treating depression and anxiety and by the way people were talking, they’re God’s gift to the mentally unhealthy.  We’ll see.  I’m keeping an open mind.

Anyway, back to our guy #1 and Dr. Lee comparison…  I was completely exhausted within an hour after Dr. Lee’s session.  This hadn’t happened with guy #1 so I looked it up on the internet.  Apparently it’s an excellent sign that the acupuncture was successful.  It only lasts for one to three days so I’m not concerned that it’ll affect my life or work.  What I am concerned about is what guy #1 thought he was doing.  I’m glad acupuncture is covered by my insurance because I’m beginning to think that guy #1 was wasting my time.  I wasn’t too comfortable with him anyway because he never looked me in the eye when we were talking, and I literally saw him for about thirty seconds every time I went in for a session; long enough for him to put the needles in.  Then someone else would come in and remove them.  I was with Dr. Lee for the entire hour and a half I was there minus twenty minutes after he put the needles in.  I could tell I was Dr. Lee’s priority.  Dude #1…not so much.

According to Dr. Lee, I have a disordered spleen.  Seeing as I’m somewhat versed in western medicine, I began thinking “Oh crap.  Is this something I should be seeing a western physician for?”  Then I do some more research.  In Chinese medicine, when you have a disordered spleen, it’s more about the spirit than the physical.  Yes, your spleen has a spirit.  Who knew?  A disordered spleen can cause basically everything that’s wrong with my health at the moment:  worry and anxiety, poor blood circulation, and some other problems that I’m not going to talk about on the internet.  I was shocked again when I read all of this.  Is it coincidence that a disordered spleen happens to encompass every issue I’m having?  Or is there really something to this Chinese medicine?

Like I said, I’m keeping an open mind about all of this.  I want to record my experiences with alternative medicine during my journey to no meds so I’m going to use the blog to do this.  Not only did my doc recommend acupuncture, but she recommended meditation.  I’ve meditated before, but I never had an actual reason for doing it.  And I never kept up with it.  Later on this month I’ll be starting the meditation part, and I’ll let you all know how that goes.  I’ll be doing my next appointment with the great Dr. Lee on Tuesday.  Until then, if something weird happens, I’ll record it.  Otherwise, as the Chinese say…zài jiàn!  (See you again!)


Hiatuses.  Don’t ya love em?

It’s been a while.  I know.  I have no excuses.  No good ones at least.  Just hadn’t felt like blogging much.  Then my credit card was charged to keep my website my own for another year, and I realized I should probably do something with this.  I am paying for it, right?  And it’s hard to get and keep fans if I abandon them for lengthy period of times.

Duh.  <—–The sound of my reality check.

So, I guess I’ll start with a writing update.  I am still writing.  And I’ve come quite a long way.  The first draft of the first novel of a series is almost done.  It’s a bit different from what I’ve put on Wattpad.  No paranormal anything in the new one.  It deals with love, yes—after all, it is somewhat of a romance.  But it also deals with domestic abuse, the strength of women, and unlikely heroes.  I’ve put my heart and soul into this story and have fallen in love with the characters.  I can’t wait to do future novels with these fictional folks.

I’m going to be self-publishing this one.  I don’t have the patience to deal with agents and publishing companies.  Plus, I really don’t care what one person thinks about my writing.  I don’t want one editor or agent coming between me and the world.

So, til next time…

I have returned

Now that the vacation is behind me, I have nothing but work to look forward to.  Joy.  But I didn’t come home empty handed from Florida, and I’m not talking about souvenirs.  I came back inspired.  I have written 3,000 words since I came back and couldn’t be happier.  (Cue girlish giggling.)

I did try to write while I was down there, but the writing machine in my head must’ve been on vaca, too, because I had nothing.  And I know if I try too hard, all that comes out is garbage.  So I gave up for the week I was down there and just tried to enjoy myself.  Much fun was had, but now my brain seems to know it’s back to business.

I also just realized today that X-Team Three is well over half done!  It still doesn’t feel real, though.  Finishing the first draft is only the beginning.  Then comes editing, second draft, editing, editing, oh and did I say editing?  Then the third and hopefully final draft.  This novel needs to be perfect because it’s going on Amazon when I’m done.  Then I can actually say I’m a published author.  (Self-published, but who’s counting?) 😉

Oh boy!

Going on vaca tomorrow, but DON’T YOU WORRY YOUR LITTLE SELVES!  I will be writing still.  And I’ll probably be deleting it all when I get back in two weeks.  Why?  Because I intend on drinking pretty much every moment I’m awake, and writing and drinking don’t mix.  Unless your intent is a bunch of garbage that you probably won’t remember typing in the first place.



I’m still out here writing. I swear.

The updates on X-Team Three have been slowing.  I’ve been working on another story, too.  A new/young adult paranormal novel.  I don’t know if I’m going to put this one on WattPad, however.  This one may go straight to Amazon.  Which is where X-Team is going to go when it’s done.

I’ve decided to skip the whole find a literary agent and publisher thing and go straight to self-publishing, probably using Amazon.  I’ve found way too many authors with awesome novels on Amazon who were never able to get a publisher to take on their work and now they’re on best-seller lists.  It’s shown me that trying to get one person (a publisher) to like what I’m writing is counter-productive.  What you want to do is get your work out there for the masses to see.  There will always be someone who likes it, and that someone is undoubtedly NOT a publisher.  I don’t want anyone filtering what I write because one person doesn’t like it.  That’s not fair to me or whoever it is out there who likes what I write as well.  One of my favorite authors just made the USA Today bestseller list, and she self-publishes.  That’s shown me it’s possible, and at this point, that’s all I need to see.

But, a new part was just published for X-Team on WattPad.  This one’s from Jocelyn’s point of view, and she has it out with Az.  I had fun writing the short but heated fight between them.  And then the way it ends is swoon-worthy.  Just the way I like fights to end.

Writer’s block

So I’m stuck on a scene during which Az and Theo duke it out and I can’t figure out how I want to do it.

I’m stuck. Badly. And the worst part? I get all my best ideas while I’m driving but when I get home, BAM, they’re gone and I can’t remember any of them. I know I came up with the solution to this scene a couple days ago while driving, but forgot it of course, and now I’m trailing behind.

Just as I’m starting to get followers on WattPad too. 🙁

It’s getting hard

I’m kind of at a loss on how to get my story out there anymore.  I’ve advertised on Facebook, Twitter, WattPad itself, and I’ve asked all my friends and family to pass on the link if they know anyone who likes that type of story, but the read count is still barely trickling up.  It’s sort of demotivating.  I guess it’s good that I’m not writing the story to gain anything like money.  I enjoy what I’m writing.  That’s what counts to me.

But one of the reasons I enjoy writing is so that other people can enjoy what I write, and I’m just not getting that impression.  I only have one follower on WattPad and that’s a family member.  I’m the only one voting for my story.  I’m at a loss on what else I can do.

This is definitely teaching me patience.  I was reading a book on how to get started with WattPad and the author said that the first story he posted had 13,000 reads by three months and that 13,000 is on the low end of what a successful story should have.  I’d die if I had 13,000 reads in three months!!!  (Die happy, don’t get me wrong.)

I just wish I knew of something else I could do to get this story out there.

Slow going…

Whelp, it’s back to work for me today.  After five days off and tons of writing, things are going to start slowing down again.  It’s hard to write when I’m supposed to be running two ambulance stations.

But…I am still writing.  I actually got 200 words of Lawson’s next part done today.  That means at least 800 left.  I always try to post parts of 1,000 words or more.

I will let everyone know when Lawson’s part gets published.  Until then, see ya!